Driver Education Law
As of August 31, 2016 - Backup cameras and parking sensors that have
been installed on a motor vehicle will now be permitted to be used during a
road test. No need to cover camera!

On May 1, 2010, the requirements for all teens (16-20) years of age
holding a permit or probationary(formerly provisional) license under NJ
GDL Law has changed. NO grandfathering of existing permit and
probationary (formerly provisional) license holders. Regardless of how
much time a GDL holder has remaining on his or her permit or Probationary

More information can be found at

Click on the parent guide to read the student learner permit handbook

Click her for the latest updates in the driver handbook

In order to comply with the law, GDL holders must:
  • not be on the road between 11:01 p.m. and 5 a.m.
  • may transport only one passenger besides their dependents (children).
  • may not use a cell phone(hand-held or hands-free), ipod or other
    electronic device.
  • must ensure all occupants are properly restrained in child safety seats
    or seat belts.
  • must display the decal on front and rear license plate.
  • may not plea bargain any point carrying offenses.

You are always responsible for knowing about any changes in the law.
for public announcements as y
ou may not be notified individually.

Anyone under 21 years of age must display the Kyleigh's Law probationary
GDL reflectorized decal on the front and rear license plate of any motor
vehicle they operate. The cost will be $4.00 per pair. You may go to any
MVC Agency to purchase the reflectorized decals today. You may also go to
the online manual to review any
recent updates regarding law changes.  

Randolph, located at 1572 Sussex Turnpike
, and Morristown, located at 186 Speedwell Avenue, have permanently clos
ed at 7:30 p.m. in August 2010.  There are more closings to come resulting
in longer waiting lines/lists to reschedule or retake the driving test! As
of October 25, 2010 the waiting list to reschedule or retake the driving
test in Wayne or Randolph was 8 weeks! If you fail the driving test y
ou may be eligible to retake the driving test in two weeks
plus wait list.

MONDAY testing is now open for 160 Canfield Ave., Randolph, NJ.


New laws and legislation  (click here)
Expands requirements for special learner's and examination permits. Requi
ring parent/teen orientation, 12 month permit, and practice driving 6 hours
behind the wheel.

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click here for other news including-CUSTOMER ADVISORY changes for
Randolph/Morristown site closings.