IMPORTANT INFORMATION
The following documents must be sent to Safeway at least one week before behind the wheel
lessons begin.
Every student must be registered prior to behind the wheel. These documents will
be presented for approval in order to obtain the student learner permit.  Please send in the
appropriate documents as soon as possible in order to expedite processing for each permit.  If
any documentation is omitted or is incomplete the student permit will not be issued and your
behind the wheel lessons may be delayed.  As soon as your permit is issued you will receive a
call to schedule behind the wheel lessons.  REMEMBER - You must be 16 years old to enroll and
follow the student permit driving restrictions:  No driving between 11:01 p.m. and  5 a.m. The
student driver cannot use wireless telephone or any wireless device while driving.  All student
examination permit holders must be accompanied by an adult supervising driver (for a minimum
of 6 months) who must possess a valid NJ license, be at least 21 years old and licensed to drive
for at least three years. No out of state driving with permits.

  • SERVICE AGREEMENT/CONTRACT:  Parents please fill in the student information section then
    sign and date the contract and return to Safeway Driver Education at your earliest

  • PAYMENT:  Payment in full is required in order to schedule behind the wheel lessons. A
    permit will not be released until payment is made in full.

  • TEST SCORE CARD:  The small blue card from your high school driver education class.

  • STUDENT LEARNER PERMIT APPLICATION:  In order to avoid any delay in scheduling please
    make sure each box on the application is complete (front and back) along with student
    signature, date and student's Social Security number. The section under parental consent
    which includes a parent/legal guardian signature, driver license number and State of issue
    must also be filled in and signed by a parent/legal guardian. Please note that question # 4
    on the reverse side of the application asks if you are in this country legally. Do not use
    white out on any applications. You may cross out  the mistake once and write above the
    mistake legibly. Do not use pencil. Use a black or blue ink. Specify ble for blue, bn for
    brown, bla for black eye color.

  • CIVIL BIRTH CERTIFICATE:  Original or certified copy (from vital statistics/municipality -not notary public)
    from one of the 50 states, District of Columbia or a US territory. Photocopies or certificates from hospitals
    or religious entities are NOT accepted.  If using a US passport, it must be current or expired less than 3
    years. Birth certificates from outside the U.S. must also present proof of citizenship (green card).

It is the responsibility of every motorist to help keep the roadways safe.