Road Tests
All applicants for the road test must provide their own vehicle
with a valid inspection sticker, a current registration card, a
current insurance card (no photo copies), red decals for that
vehicle and an accompanying
licensed driver. The applicant must
demonstrate an understanding of the rules of the road and safe
driving practice. Car rentals from driving schools only.
  • vehicle with a center or push button emergency brake or open console
  • Randolph road testers go to: 160 Canfield Ave. Randolph, N.J.
  • Take the road test first then pass and obtain provisional license w/6pts ID
  • After you pass the road test you may obtain your license at any Agency
  • Do not be late to the road test-try to be 15 minutes early
  • Road tests appointments may be made or changed online again!
  • The licensed driver must remain in the vehicle at all times while engine is on
  • Vehicles are not supplied for road tests - driving schools charge a fee
  • Both standard & manual transmission vehicles may be used for road test
  • You should never stall a manual transmission vehicle during a test
  • You will need your permit and birth certificate /passport for the driver's test
  • You may not rent from a rental agency if under age on contract (Avis,Enterprise)
  • You must bring 6 points of identification-see 6 points of Identification
  • You must be able to provide your Social Security #-original SS card is 1 point
  • You must bring your original birth certificate or valid passport (4 pts ea )
  • Your school photo ID must be accompanied with a transcript  (2 points)
  • Proof of residency: bank statement in your name to your address/transcript
  • You will need $6.00 for a driver's license fee-good for one year only
  • You will need to fill out a driver's license application front/back (white card)
  • You may not take the test on a temporary tire (doughnut)
  • You may not take the test on a vehicle with a cracked or broken windshield
  • You may not take the test with broken tail lights or non working blinker lights
  • You should be able to test the blinker and tail lights without the ignition on
  • You must go back one year from passing test to upgrade your license
  • You must have all original documents-no photo copies no exceptions
  • One GDL decal must be displayed on the upper left corner of the front
    license plate and one on the upper left corner of the rear license plate

In order to reschedule your test you will need your license number (above your
name) and the validation (5 digit number) located on the back of your permit -go to
DMV or online. If you do not show up on the date scheduled you will need to
reschedule the road test.   Note: Due to closings and cutting hours the waiting list to
reschedule or retake the driving test in Randolph or Wayne can vary. May
be up to 8
weeks. If  you hire a driving school for testing you must pay in advance to be on list.