Designed to develop your skills and confidence to operate a vehicle, our Driver Training Courses are

professionally developed by our experienced and certified driving instructors. We offer flexible scheduling and
educational instruction.  Instruction is tailored  to the need of each student upon evaluation of existing skill
levels. Our programs have been prepared incorporating strategies to improve attitudes, skill and knowledge in
the art of operating a motor vehicle safely, collision and violation free, on the roadways. Each training package
has structured and comprehensive lessons that teach your teenager proper techniques.
SIX HOUR TEEN PROGRAM:  This program is tailored for the sixteen (16) year old student. It requires a
minimum of 6 hrs instruction and consists of learning basic driving skills, safety techniques as well as
preparation for the road test. Develop your driving skills and gain driving experience with this in-depth course. It
features a comprehensive lesson plan designed to thoroughly develop a student driver's skill and confidence.
Here we define and recognize driving as a social task which involves the interaction of the operator, the
environment and the vehicles. This course can be taken in intervals of two (2) three (3) hour sessions or three
(3) two (2) hour sessions. This course is usually taken after Driver Education and is the vehicle skills portion for
obtaining your license.  If you have not had Driver Education in high school yet or did not pass your written exam
you can still enroll.  Ask about our written test service. You must be at least 16 years old. This pre-permit training
course is mandated by the state for the 16 yr old student requesting a student learner permit.  With this program
you earn hours toward requirements under New Jersey's Graduated Licensing Law for a special student
learner permit.

REVIEW AND ROAD TEST SERVICE:  This course is designed for the student who developed basic car control
skills and needs training or review of the more complex maneuvers such as parallel parking or 3-point turns.
This program is often the day of the road skills test.  You and your instructor will cover the necessary skills to
prepare for the road test.  Safeway Driver Education will provide a vehicle and transportation to your road test.

ADULT PROGRAM:  This program is designed for students that have a valid New Jersey permit or driver’s
license. This course is designed to help the more advanced student finish developing their skills and then be
ready to take the road test. Well suited for someone who has covered everything but wants to make sure they
are prepared for achieving their license. Each package requires a minimum 2 hours of instruction. This
program reviews the rules of the road which promotes safe driving.
NOTE:  This program has limited

VISION EXAMINATION:  Applicants for a license are required to have their eyesight checked through a routine
vision test.  The vision examination is offered for free and is a requirement in order to obtain a student learner
permit.  Each student is accompanied by their driving school instructor to take the vision exam. If your child
wears glasses or contacts they should be worn at all times while driving and for taking the vision exam.  

WRITTEN LAW KNOWLEDGE EXAMINATION:  All applicants for the basic driver license must pass a knowledge
test of traffic laws, rules and regulations, by scoring at least 80 percent on a 50-question test.  Written tests
administered in the Safeway office in Vernon, NJ are available in English only.  You must be 16 yrs old and
registered prior to taking the written test in the Vernon office. People 17yrs or older must test at Motor Vehicle.